Arkzin: “The Nineties Are Back!” / Guest Lecture by Dejan Kršić

The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity

Tuesday, May 27th at 19h, CZKD

Arkzin – The Context

Guest lecturer: Dejan Kršić

Dejan Kršić, a graphic designer, writer and translator based in Zagreb, will talk about a recent action undertaken by Arkzin: “The Nineties Are Back!” , about the remediation of Arkzin in the contemporary context and how the experience of this magazine which created public in 1990s can be understood today and transferred into the new production of public.


The situation is quite different from that of the nineties. The problem is that we cannot clearly say what is different today. Unfortunately we do not have a clear picture of what was the nineties, in particular it is impossible to establish a consensus in the wider society. I think we’re still missing some new media that help us explain what is happening to us, what is the conservative counter-revolution.

Dejan Krsic in an interview for Radio Slobodna Evropa, 26/11/2013

Dejan Kršić (1961) is a graphic designer, writer and translator based in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated in Art History and Ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. He works as a graphic designer, writer and translator. Member of the HDD (Croatian Designers Association) since 2008. He has been employed at the Department of Visual Communication Design in the Art Academy, Split.

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He has held several solo and group exhibitions (Ljubljana, Zagreb, Rijeka and Belgrade), participated in several group exhibitions (Salon of Youth, Zagreb Salon, ZGRAF, Croatian Design Exhibition 01, 02, 03, Type Directors Club) and video festivals in Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo.

In the 90s he was one of the founders, graphic editor and later chief editor of the fortnightly magazine Arkzin and the publishing project Bastard.Since 2000, he has collaborated as a member of the NGO for visual culture What, How & for Whom / WHW on contemporary art exhibitions and media projects such as “What, How and For Whom – On the Occasion of the […]