Exhibition of the Visual Workshop of Creative Writing 02.07.2014, 20h, Studio 11, Subotica

Within the project The Context Studies – The diversity of diversity: alternative models of production, an exhibition of the visual workshop of creative writing led by the visual artist Vanja Subotic and the writer and publicist Atila Širbik will take place in Subotica.

Place: Studio 11, Subotica

Wednesday 2nd  July 2014 at 20:00h

Visual workshop of creative writing that took place in the past three months, by reducing the specificity and writing language and visuality in one common denominator, tried  to solve problems that largely occupy the members of the young generation “here and now”; whether they are  local or global, objective or subjective, individual or collective, socio-civic, political problems, cultural issues or questions about the process of artistic creation.


We believe that artistic freedom is not something given in advance.  Our aim is to find it and make it ours with our creativity and talent.  We need a variety of methods, concepts, techniques, and strategies.

During the workshop and the conquest of theoretical and practical knowledge, everybody could have found the closest way to its own way of life and its personality; the most appropriate way, on which going on alone, became capable to create works of art and different projects.



The works exhibited were created on the basis of a common reflection and collective creative work.

One part of the exhibition includes works that could be interpreted as final manufactures photo strips, a photo box, which could be included in the genre of object-art and in conjunction with them a sound installation, while its second segment so called documentary exhibition includes items used during the workshops, which in the context of the exhibition space are advanced into art objects.


After the opening of the exhibition a live performance by the musical formation Senkiháza follows.

The Context Studies – The diversity of diversity is organized by the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in cooperation with the YUROM Center from Nis, Sent from Novi Pazar and the Active Region from Subotica.


The project is supported by:

European Union – Program “Civil Society Facility” (EU –IPA)

Secretariat for Culture, City of Belgrade

Open Society Foundation Serbia

Charles Mott Foundation