Public presentation of the results of the The Context Studies – The Diversity of the Diversity in Niš

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Yurom Centar from Niš and Center For Cultural Decontamination from Belgrade, in cooperation with Sent (Novi Pazar) and Aktivni region (Subotica), invite you to

Public presentation of the results of the The Context Studies – The Diversity of the Diversity in Niš

Saturday, September 13, 2014, 16h
Sala MK „12 Februar“, Niš

After five months of work with the participants of the program The Context Studies – The Diversity of the Diversity, lectures, workshops, production, cooperation with the mentors and the team of the project, groups of participants from Niš, coordinated by Yurom Center, in cooperation with the Internet TV Romaworld and NGO Indigo will present the results of their work and cooperation.

KUD „Alija Jašarević“ , coordinated by Dragan Osmanović will perform a folklore dance and theater play „One Way Ticket“ which tackles the issue of migrations and insuportable situation of Roma people.

Hip-hop workshops organized in Niš within the program The Context Studies – The Diversity of the Diversity will be presented by the two groups of participants who attended them in two centers. The group coordinated by Turkijan Redžepi, with conceptual and practical support of Kastro Brijani, hip-hop artist from Niš, in cooperation with Internet TV Romaworld worked on the process of music production and visibility models of hip-hop production, public and online. The group coordinated by Tamara Simonović and the team of NGO Indigo in Social Center has produced a song together which will be presented. During the workshops, the participants had an opportunity to work with the musicians of their choice (Predrag Radovančević – BG Fank; Muha Blackstazy, Vladimir Đorđević) and to hear lectures of the history of hip-hop movement (Greg de Cuir).

Public presentation of the results of the work realized within the program The Context Studies – The Diversity of the Diversity is open for all, and it will be an opportunity to think about the models of presenting those results as a part of the Plenum of the Context Studies in Belgrade in November, together with all the participants from the cities involved in the program: Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Pazar and Niš.

The team of the projcet of The Context Studies in Niš:

Osman Balić (Yurom Centar) – project coordinator

Turkijan Redžepi – coordinator of the online activities, presentations and documentation of the project, coordinator of the hip-hop workshops

Tamara Simonović (NVO Indigo) – coordinator of the hip-hop workshop

Cooperatives in cultural production: Kastrat Brijani (Lord Kastro), Dragan Osmanović, Petar Todorović, Marko Anđelković (Naopak Ništarija), Ana Đorđević, Sadik Saitović.

The aim of “The Context Studies” is questioning the meaning of “public” – opening a space for critical practices related to the immediate context and the heritage of civil society. The courses have been simultaneously taking place in Belgrade (Center for Cultural Decontamination, coordinator: Ana Isaković), Subotica (coordinator: Branislav Filipović, Active Region), Niš (coordinator: Osman Balić, YUROM Centar), Novi Pazar (coordinator: Enes Halilović, Sent), in the period of February-June 2014. The participants of the program “The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity” had an opportunity to produce their own programs, with the help of the mentors and selected lecturers, and to present their production in October in their cities and joint event in Belgrade.

The team of the project The Context Studies – The Diversity of the Diversity:

Art director: Borka Pavićević

Mentors: Zlatko Paković, Ognjen Glavonić, Saša Ćirić

Project manager: Aleksandra Sekulić,

Coordinators: Ana Isaković (CZKD), Enes Halilović (Sent, Novi Pazar), Branislav Filipović (Activne Region, Subotica), Osman Balić (YUROM Centar, Niš)

PR: Ljubica Savković

Media editor: Ivica Đorđević

Administration and organization: Slavica Vučetić

The Council of the Context Studies: prof. Milena Dragićević Šešić, Dejan Ilić, Srbijanka Turajlić, Mladen Đorđević, Saša Ilić, Attila Sirbik, Branislav Dimitrijević, Predrag Brebanović, Snežana Skoko, Ružica Marjanović, Ana Vujanović, Vesna Milosavljević Nikola Dedić, Ivana Aleksić.

The project is supported by

European Union – Program “Civil Society Facility” (EU –IPA)

Secretariat for Culture, City of Belgrade

Open Society Foundation Serbia

Charles Mott Foundation

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