The Context Studies – Work in progress

After the preparatory meetings of the participants of The Context Studies with their mentors, things move on with a lot of working sessions bringing creative ideas on the table. Variety of creativity lies on the diversity of the themes project offers and the best ideas are yet to come. More posts with short updates regarding the development of workshops and cultural production will be published once in a while.

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Let’s start with the southwestern spot on the map of The Context Studies, Novi Pazar. Workshops in Novi Pazar take place in the National Library Dositej Obradovic. In the same venue are also held the meetings with the mentors and guest lecturers. The groups that work in visual arts will soon meet guest artists and curators (ex. Srdjan Veljovic, Maida Gruden), who will share their experience in public interfaces of visual art production. The group works under the theme “Translation and polemics” explores the possibilities of group work on texts under the mentorship of Sasa Ciric and Enes Halilovic. Zlatko Pakovic mentors the group interested in “Brecht as a method”, with special emphasis on the role of an actor (guest Igor Filipovic).

In Nis the theater group Ponos and the folklore group Alija Jasarevic will be encouraged to develop their ongoing performances in cooperation with the hip-hop workshops organized there. Workshops take place in two parts of the city so that more participants are able to access the program. In detail, workshops are held in the Social Center in cooperation with Indigvo organization and in the Beograd Mala in cooperation with the Romaworld Production. Local hip-hop scene (Kastro, Stereobanana etc.), guest lecturers and musicians from other cities as well, will be involved in the course of their work.

Straight to the North! Visual workshop of creative writing in Subotica, with local guest lecturers Attila Sirbik and Vanja Subotic explores the relations of ‘the visual’ and literary text. Workshops for development of Brecht as a method started by initial consultation by Zlatko Pakovic and are further developed throughout April with the local guest Vladimir Grbic. There is a proposed video experiment that will be continued after the meeting of the mentor Ognjen Glavonic with the selected guests and the cooperation with other cities involved in the project in the future months.

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Participants involved in “Youth cultures” theme in Belgrade have created a video under the mentorship of Ognjen Glavonic. “The Foundations of Revolution” (edited by Ivica Djordjevic) was realized in April and has been submitted to Radical Democracy Video Challenge. Don’t forget to watch the film and show your support by clicking your vote! The work under the theme “Translation and polemics” is mentored by Sasa Ciric. As a response to the abovementioned theme, Jelena Markovic is preparing an exhibition in the context of her research work. The workshop “Brecht as a method” is guided and initiated by Zlatko Pakovic and now the work is developed through the autonomous group production.


Scene from “The Foundations of Revolution”