“Case Study Përtej” book promotion cancelled, due to Shkelzen Maliqi being denied entry into Serbia

We have been informed that art historian and philosopher Shkelzen Maliqi was denied entry into Serbia without explanation, on his way from Prishtina to Belgrade to participate in the promotion of our mutual publication “Case Study Përtej” today (June 19th) at CZKD. As one of the artistic directors of the program “Case Study Përtej”, together with Borka Pavićević, he participated in a several-month-long work on the afirmation and systematization of archives, memory and historization of 20 years of collaboration of artists and cultural workers from Serbia and Kosovo. The result of this work is the publication “Case Study Përtej”, edited by Majlina Hoxha, Luna Đorđević, Rozafa Maliqi and Jack Robinson, with many collaborators.

In this way for the past two years we have marked the 20th anniversary of the first exhibition of contemporary art from Kosovo, “Përtej” held in Belgrade, at the Center for Cultural Decontamination in 1997. The author of this exhibition was Shkelzen Maliqi and Dejan Sretenović its editor. By researching these decades of collaboration, which has been undesirable for the official politics, and has been invisible in the official culture and media, we have realised how politically subversive was the fact that collaboration did exist, and has existed all along, and that it has overcome the hardest obstacles, because it was based on solidarity, resistance against violence and resistance against nationalism.

We support our colleagues from Prishtina, those travelling with Shkelzen Maliqi who were invited to participate in the program: Besa Luci, Majlinda Hoxha and Jeton Neziraj in the decision to return to Prishtina out of solidarity and protest. It is out of the same solidarity and protest that we cancel the promotion of the book “Case Study Përtej” in Belgrade until our colleagues are given the right to participate in future collaboration as equals, and until they are allowed the freedom of movement.


The CZKD Team, Belgrade June 19th 2018