Follow-up: Arkzin-“The Nineties Are Back!”

On 27.05.2014, in the frame of the project “The Context Studies”, the guest lecturer Dejan Kršić met the participants of the project and enabled an exchange, dialogue and archive presentation, which continued in the Pavillion of CZKD as a public event open for all. Under the title Arkzin- “The Nineties Are Back!” he gave the context of the one-off-comeback of the legendary Arkzin magazine.


The recent action “The Nineties Are Back” was used by Dejan Kršić to explore possible readings of the experience of Arkzin in the contemporary context. The discussion after the lecture was an opportunity to hear cooperatives of Arkzin in Belgrade, theorists, artists and writers such as Branko Vucicevic, Nebojsa Jovanovic, Borut Vild, Dragomir Olujic, Nenad Vujic et al. creating a fruitful discussion with the passionate audience that pulled out the drawer of their shared collective memory.

Video and photos:






Photos: Srđan Veljović

Video: Ivica Đorđević