News from the ‘south front’!

“Just keep going like crazy and look back when it’s over. Otherwise you just get confused”.

That’s what The Context Studies project does!

The theater didactic piece “Enemy of the people as a didactic play (Ibsen with Brecht, a partiture for a composer, two actors and a director)” was performed in National Theatre of Užice on Tuesday, June 17th.

Director: Zlatko Paković

Actors: Igor Filipović, Bojan Dimitrijević, Zlatko Paković; Musician:  Božidar Obradinović




Muha Blackstazy, a rapper from Novi Sad visited Niš! He was the 4th guest lecturer in the series of hip-hop workshops that are organized within the Context Studies project, theme: “Diversity of the youth cultures – Self-organized production”. On Friday, June 20th he held his workshop with the kind support of his colleagues Naopak Ništarija, Kastro Brijani and Janko Vucic. They all joined forces, words and rhythms and as they usually say: “We had a funky good time!”

Photos from the workshop and interview with Hip Hopper Muha.

muha 02

muha 01

muha, naopak, kastro

muha 04

muha 07

The Context Studies project is implemented by the Center for Cultural Decontamination in cooperation with partners from Niš, Subotica and Novi Pazar, with the support of the European Union.