14. – 17. April 2011.
Prishtina (Boro e Ramizi; Ethnologic Museum; Dodona Theatre; Tetris; Dit e nat )

Twenty years after the collapse of Yugoslavia, the political class of the newborn states has continued to promote social values inherent to the violent nationalistic ideology. This code of oppression has marginalized the influence of individuals and groups who believe in culture of otherness and are committed to values of equality and solidarity. One of many ways in counteracting this ideology of isolation and hostilities would be to reaffirm the above values that could be tracked back to the libertarian tradition of the shared past.

The program “New politics of Solidarity through Cultural and Knowledge production” fosters new forms of solidarity by the flow of knowledge, cultural exchange and artistic production between people of Tuzla, Prishtina and Belgrade. It recognizes and stimulates spontaneous, anarchic, fluid zones of experimentation and joy, innovations where a lot of new things will be created within the project thematic framework. Leading agents of the process will be the research-educationproduction teams (REP) set up by each project’s partner. REPs will collect and collate data and information, archive materials and communicate their results through to the targeted  beneficiaries; the purpose is to get together young people to harness new cultural codes and reshaped information and to empower them to create their own production through a growing grass-root network of volunteers. Their final products will be theater plays, art performances, exhibitions, and stage readings that activate public space for alternative knowledge and art production. This program is supported by Swiss Cultural Program in Western Balkans.
The first meeting in Prishtina that will be held on 14, 15, 16 and 17 of April includes also the presentations of two literature anthologies in Albanian and Serbian “Nga Beogradi, me dashuri” (From Belgrade with love) and “Nga Prishtina, me dashuri” (From Prishtina with love), where a big number of young authors of Kosova and Serbia are presented. These two anthologies were published with the support of TRADUKI.

Also, in polip night, organized within this thematic frame of the project, the promotion of poetry book “polip – ky vend është tash kopshti ynë zoologjik” (polip – this place is now our zoo) will take place, comprising poetic works of the poets from the region and Germany who took part in the first edition of The International Poetry Festival – polip, which took place in October last year, in Prishtina.

A joint program between Qendra Multimedia (Prishtina), CZKD (Belgrade) and Center “Grad” (Tuzla)



 NPS Prishtina - Program (1.1 MiB)

 SCP Meeting in Prishtina April 15-17- press + program (113.7 KiB)

 New born - by Ana Isakovic (714.3 KiB)

 Essay collection - Tuzla cooperative - Albanian translation (526.2 KiB)

 Essay collection - Tuzla cooperative - BIH (2.2 MiB)

 Prezentacija studentskog plenuma Tuzla (67.9 KiB)

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