Open Call: participation in “Open School of Economy”

Center for Cultural Decontamination invites all interested individuals to apply for participation in the project “Open School of Economy”, organized within The Context Studies project. Danilo Prnjat, participant of the theme “Brecht as a method” conceptualized and initiated the “Open School of Economy” as his personal contribution to The Context Studies.

The open call aims to the formation of a working group, which through research and practical work will explore alternative economic models that go beyond the neo-liberal economic system. The field of interest is the study of economic theories that offer potential opportunities for the development and establishment of economic exchange that does not work according to the principles of individual profit entities (such as is the case in the neo-liberal capitalist theory) but is driven by the interest of the community as a whole.

capitalism isn't working

The aim of the project is to provide theoretical and practical alternatives to the famous Margaret Thatcher’s statement “There Is No Alternative “. The project involves research, work-in-progress, a participatory art project in the form of production and open platforms. It will be implemented in the form of group workshops, open reading and discussion groups (ex. sudden appearance of a mini classroom in a public space etc.) within specific communities in which the applicability to alternative economy seems more relevant.

Suggested topics are the following (this is a draft list and is open to interventions):

1. PARECON-Participatory Economics (Michael Albert, Chris Spannos)

2. Crom Theory (Damir Novotny, Udruga Krom)

3. Inclusive Democracy (Anthony Giddens, Jon Elster, Takis Fotopoulos, Aran Gare and others)-minimalist and maximalist democratic participation

4. Gift Theory (Marcel Mauss)

5. Economics of Care (Nansy Folbe)

6. Time-banking (Edgar Cahn)

7. The theory of self-management socialism (Edvard Kardelj)

8. Environmental Economics and Evolutionary Economy (Joseph Schumpeter)

9. Free Cooperation (“The Art of Free Cooperation” – Eds. Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovink)

10. “Change the World without Taking Power” (John Halloway)

11. Ethical banks, Nationwide Building Society, credit unions (London Mutual Credit Union), the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

The call is open to everybody regardless the educational level, prior knowledge of economics, etc. All, who wish to expand their knowledge horizons beyond the neo-liberal economic monopoly of knowledge and to become actively involved in the change of the political and economic realities, are very welcome. Participation in the project is FOR FREE and does not envisage any participation fees.

Given that the project is designed as a workshop and as an open experimental platform, the pace of the project and the level of involvement of each participant is not predetermined and is fully open to subjective applications according to the abilities and interests of each participant.

The project was conceived as a form of self-organization, self-education and practical intervention in the field of economic exchange in the local context.

Information and the idea of the project were presented by the coordinator and initiator Danilo Prnjat on Thursday, May 15th 2014 in Zadruga Oktobar, Belgrade.

otvorena skola ekonomije

Applications with contact information should be sent to:

Deadline: May 19th 2014

Regardless the period and the formation of a working group, the call is continuously open to all who want to be involved in any possible way.