Rider Miroslav Krleža

“Rider Miroslav Krleža” is a set of Krleza’s works, as well as articles of eminent researchers of his work, collected within the project New Politics of Solidarity.

The New politics of solidarity is a project with the intention to strengthen new agents of social change to activate public space for knowledge and art production which fosters solidarity and communality and intensifies the influence of individuals and groups who are committed to values of equality and solidarity. The matter is how to create new codes that would trigger interest of new generations for the shared cultural heritage and modernization that occurred in time of the former Yugoslavia.

This Project fosters new forms of solidarity by the flow of knowledge, cultural exchange and artistic production through spontaneous, anarchic, fluid zones of experimentation and joy, innovations. Leading agents of the process are the research-education-production teams (REP) set up by project’s partners, which bring together young people and empowers them to create their own production through a growing grass-root network of volunteers. Their final products are theater plays, art performances, exhibitions, and stage readings that activate public space for alternative knowledge and art production. These interventions is build upon antifascist and modernist legacies of the 20th century; politics of commonality and its materiality in the 21st century.

The project is framed by three topics:

1. Affirming the anti-fascist struggle and modernism from WWII to date: towards new spaces of equality and solidarity;

2. The memory of unity and brotherhood through oral history: towards artistic imaginaries of new solidarity;

3. Continuities and discontinuities of solidarity reflected by artists: forms of solidarity embedded in social ownership, annihilated by violent transition and re-examined under corporate rules.

The main project partners are three civil institutions – the Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade, the Cultural Center “Grad” in Tuzla, and the Association “Multimedia Center Prishtina”. Long term results will be the increased participation and improved communication, working practice and partnerships amongst grassroots cultural agents of social change in the region. The total project duration will be 24 months and the outcome will be the series of joint knowledge and artistic productions. At the end of this process a joint monograph of the project “New Solidarity: Reclaiming Public Space & Good Through Art” will be produced and disseminated.

The Freedom Containers is a spin-off project, which intends to foster a new public remembrance by crafting a link to the memory inside the recontextualized public space. This is a travel through recontextualized spaces from Prishtina to Zagreb and Belgrade. Rereading, discussing and performing Croatian and Yugoslav writer Miroslav Krleza in the context of contemporary life the beneficiaries are engaged in remembering the past and forging a future in which they are active participants of cultural and knowledge production.

 Biografija Miroslava Krleže (65.6 KiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Hrvatski bog Mars (1.4 MiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Na rubu pameti (732.8 KiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Poezija (837.0 KiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Pieta (28.3 KiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Casopis Danas - Amsterdamske varijacije (109.2 KiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Casopis Republika - Krlezin govor na Kongresu knjizevnika (15.9 MiB)

 Miroslav Krleza - Casopis Pecat - Dijalekticki antibarbarus (6.4 MiB)

 Ukupan spisak dela Miroslava Krleze (25.7 KiB)

 Izlet u Rusiju - Dramatizacija Miroslava Belovica (12.5 MiB)

 Velimir Viskovic - Krleza - kronologija (548.4 KiB)

 Velimir Viskovic - Sukob na ljevici (305.7 KiB)

 Velimir Viskovic - Kulturni i politicki kontekst Krlezina putopisa Izlet u Rusiju (291.0 KiB)

 Zoran Janjic - Putovanje u srce utopije (528.8 KiB)