The Context Studies Event in Novi Pazar

On Friday 31st of January 2014 Center for Cultural Decontamination in cooperation with the following organizations: YUROM Centar from Niš, Sent from Novi Pazar and Active Region from Subotica, presented the program of the project “The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity” in Novi Pazar.

The event started at 18:30 in National library “Dositej Obradović”. Presentation of the program of the project “The Context Studies: the Diversity of the Diversity” and the call for participation in the first year: “Introduction to alternative models of production” followed. Participants were Borka Pavićević, Aleksandra Sekulić, Osman Balić, Enes Halilović, Zlatko Paković, Saša Ćirić, Ognjen Glavonić, Attila Sirbik.


Saša Ćirić (mentor of “Writing in public: polemics and translation, Theme 1: Translation as a cultural form”) and Ognjen Glavonić (mentor of “Self-organized production, Theme 2: Youth cultures”) made a short introduction of the above mentioned theme.

The performance “Enemy of the people as a didactic play (Ibsen with Brecht, a partiture for a composer, two actors and a director)” followed. Director: Zlatko Paković.  Actors: Igor Filipović, Bojan Dimitrijević, Zlatko Paković; Musician:  Božidar Obradinović. The performance opened the floor for the presentation of “The theater scenes which evoke the public, Theme 3: Brecht as a method, mentor: Zlatko Paković.

theater play_novi pazar

Excellent attendance of the event showed how eager people in this city are to participate in actions to express the potential hidden in discouragement of the institutions. The group of students and their teacher of literature from the city of Sjenica also joined the program and applied to participate in the literature workshop, which was welcomed by everybody. The well-known activist Aida Corovic added her view on the importance of the program, as well as numerous students and young artists who applied immediately to some of the areas of the project.